20 Reasons why you need a website

Websites are here to stay. They are technology’s offering to us and the benefits of these are undeniable. Here are 20 reasons why they are such an essential part of our lives: A website is an index to the maturity of a society: With the advancement of information technology, websites have become a part of our life. Initially they seemed to be a far cry and many considered them a luxury. But today they have become essential. The latest tool to make life comfortable and enjoyable: Anything that makes your daily cores easy, people immediately lap it up. A website is one such thing. Good source for profession specific information: Whatever be the profession, there is a website for it….

Add FB like Box to website

Officially you can apply settings for a like box for facebook from this link – – download the code and set it up on your site. the above link works if you have one URL that you want to use the box with. but what if in wordpress we want to add the likebox to all pages and posts dynamically without specifially adding a plugin and then modifying it to show at a particular place in the post. we have an easy solution. Here wordpress template tags come to work. you can download the code snippet from facebook website and alter it. then you can put it in your wordpress template single.php and/or page.php for facebook like box to show with…

Plugin – RSB

This is a no-fuss social bookmarking plugin for WordPress. All is done at a click of a button. can it get any better than that? Black & White Social networking icons that matches every layout of wordpress. Easy to modify and flowless. More icon packs will be available soon. The icons right now are courtesy of MySiteMyWay . You can download a latest copy of the plugin from official WordPress directory. You need any support with installing this plugin and using it, please contact me from this site and/or comment here. I will get back to you with a solution ASAP.

Favicon for your website

A Favicon is a little custom icon that appears next to a website’s URL in the address bar of a web browser. It is usually of a small size, like 16 pixels by 16 pixels. It’s a very good branding opportunity and it gives that additional dynamism to your site design. How to make a Favicon file? For starters, you can use a GIF or a PNG file as an icon, but Internet Explorer doesn’t always support those formats, that’s why to be on safe side, the .ICO format should be used. To make and .ICO file in photoshop, you have to first download a plugin and add it into photoshop. Please download and follow the instructions here… Telegraphics ICO…

Hello World

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. This post is the dedication to the best blogging script i have came across in a long time. Kudos to WordPress. This is my new start-up , with a core idea to make blogging more fun, more pleasure and indeed simpler for everyone. In this blog, I am going to write about all ranges of topics, covering blog designing in general, with indian perspective in mind. I plan to write more plugins, code more themes and unravel amazing tips and tricks that you can do with WordPress. Please keep watching the space!